• 0207 trencher

    0205 vibratory roller

    This product is suitable for the skid loader, through the vibration device to realize to compact the the asphalt pavement, the cement road surface by doing

  • 0207 trencher

    0207 trencher

    This tool is mainly used for trenching, laying underground pipelines, slotted farmland, urban and rural optical cable. Can be easily adjusted the planting depth

  • 0207 trencher

    0513 forest mulcher

    Forest mulcher newly blades, applied for the grass and shrubs cultivation; compact design for easy operation; equipped with a pressure gauge and oil cooling


Xuzhou HCN Machinery Technology Co., LTD is the first-class company engaged in the research, development and manufacture of miniature engineering machinery in china. The leading products are skid steer loader attachments, wheel loader attachments and skid steer loader.  Meanwhile, we continuously expand our products range and business scope.
Complying with the principle of “Credit First and Quality First”, we zealously adopt the advanced production technology, use the advanced equipment and implement the advanced management experience.


Xuzhou HCN Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

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